Falcon Classic Cabinets

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Falcon Classic Cabinets are a prominent cabinet making company in the South West.

Now on the first page of many locations in Western Australia.
A contributing factor in our strategy was finding the user demographics - like age.
We also monitor other factors that help customers reach their online goals.
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To use organic SEO to their advantage and gain customers outside of Perth and the Peel Region.


Using some location SEO tactics we targeted various popular locations around Western Australia.  On Page SEO was a key factor here - using the right images and keywords to let search engines know we were around.  Our in staff copy writers then put together articles that could utilise everything within some well constructed grammar.


Sales has picked up immensely, not only from around Mandurah and the Peel Region, but also state wide.  They deliver custom made cabinets to most areas so it could only benefit the company to extend its reach.  Which they have!

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