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Our company utilises cutting-edge technology and strategic marketing insights to build you an ecommerce store, designed to optimise conversions and significantly boost your online revenue.

Wade's Agency is adept at utilising a variety of content management systems to develop robust e-commerce websites. Whether it is Magento, known for its scalability and customizability, Woocommerce that integrates seamlessly with your WordPress website, or Shopify, a one-stop-shop solution for e-commerce needs, our team of experts leverages the unique features of each platform to create a highly profitable e-commerce store. We meticulously plan and execute strategies, ensuring smooth navigation, mobile responsiveness, and secure payment gateways to deliver a hassle-free shopping experience to your customers. Our end goal is always focused on enhancing user engagement and driving conversions, thereby propelling your e-commerce business towards success.

Our primary focus is to ensure your online store remains at the pinnacle of search engine results. We employ cutting-edge, data-driven strategies, including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), to increase your store's visibility to potential customers. Our team of experts leverages relevant keywords, optimizes the store's website for speed and usability, and regularly updates your site with quality content to ensure search engines rank it higher.

We also meticulously track the nuances of search engine algorithms and adjust our strategies accordingly, ensuring that your online store maintains its high ranking, thus driving increased traffic and enhancing sales. In addition, we believe in creating a strong, organic search presence that is sustainable over time to secure your online store's long-term success.


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Wade's Agency specialises not only in creating visually appealing and user-friendly online stores but also in implementing secure and efficient payment systems, ensuring seamless transactions for your customers.

Beautiful Websites

At our company, we design stunning e-commerce sites with user-friendly interfaces, prioritising aesthetic appeal and seamless navigation for optimum shopping experiences.

Seamless Integration

Our e-commerce sites utilise platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce, facilitating seamless online shopping experiences and bolstering business growth.

Payment Systems

Our e-commerce sites offer seamless, secure payment systems, enhancing customer experience and establishing trust in online transactions.

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